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Once an order is placed, you will receive your ordered items in a timely manner. Processing and shipping your order usually takes the following estimated schedule:

1)  Processing Your Order: 1-2 days
This Processing Step helps us cross-check all your payment information and shipping information. Making sure they are correct, enabling us to send your information to the Merchant. The Merchant, then ships your order.

2)  Merchant Shipping Time: 1-2 days
Our merchants are usually quick and reliable, when it comes to processing and shipping your orders. Once they receive the order from OI, they will ship your order as soon as possible.

3)  Delivery Time: 3-5 days
Our Merchants generally use the following carriers :

*   USPS *   UPS *   FedEx

ship your orders. Most of these carriers take 3-5 days for ground shipping.

We provide four different shipping options for our Merchants. Merchants choose one of these shipping options, then we charge them the shipping cost according to the option chosen.

Free Shipping
There will not be any shipping cost and the shipping is completely free ...whenever the Merchant chooses this option.

Bundled Free Shipping
This shipping option allows the merchant to offer free shipping for buying more ! For example, the Merchant offers free shipping, when a customer buys 3 or more quantities. If you buy 3 or more products - FREE SHIPPING will be applied to your order.

Flat Rate Shipping
Shipping cost will only be charged per product. For example if the shipping cost is $3 for a product and the customer orders 5 quantities of that particular product, then the shipping cost will be $15.

Combined Shipping
When the Merchant chooses this option, he/she makes the shipping cost the same when you buy several quantities. For example, if you buy 2 or more of the merchant's products, then the shipping cost will still remain the same.

You can always track any of your orders through Organic Icon. Just click My Account - View Orders. This will let you know, the status of your order. Once the order has been changed to the Shipped status, you may use the shipment code that you received in your email . You will be able to track all the corresponding carriers through our website. Being able to track your order at any time, is an IMPORTANT and sophisticated feature that Organic Icon is proud to offer !

Customer Service is Organic Icon's number #1 priority. Each and every customer is IMPORTANT to us and your satisfaction is our goal. We want you to feel confident shopping with us. In an unlikely event, if a mistake does happen ... feel free to Contact Us. One of trained staff will be happy to assist you if any of the following situations occur:
*   You have received a wrong order
*   The product has a missing part
*   The product is damaged
*    Problems with the shipping

As a valued Organic Icon Member, you will be able to access all your saved multiple shipping addresses !Simply go to your Organic Icon -
My Account Profile. During your checkout process, you have the option, to choose one of your saved addresses to ship any of your products.
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