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GoFlushless Toilet Bowl Cleaners
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GoFlushless,™ a U.S. patent pending product, saves water and energy while keeping your bathrooms smelling fresh and clean. GoFlushless™ neutralizes the negative effects of urine in the toilet bowl. Now you don’t have to flush every time! Spray GoFlushless™ in the bowl and it safely treats the odor, color, and staining, leaving your bathroom with a fresh citrus scentand clean, blue-green water.


How It Works:

GoFlushless™ is made from vegetable based cleaners, essential oils, and food grade colors. It has been independently tested by an ACS Certified professional chemist. Apply two or three sprays of GoFlushless™ in the toilet bowl before or after you use it . Add more GoFlushless as needed throughout the day to continue the neutralizing effect. When you spray GoFlushless™ into your toilet bowl, the scientifically proven formula captures and neutralizes the odor of urine, replacing it with a pleasant citrus scent.
GoFlushless™ counteracts the staining chemicals in urine to help keep your toilet bowl clean. Finally, GoFlushless™ leaves the water in the bowl an appealing blue-green color.

Description : Citrus scent, Lemon scent, Vegetable based cleaners, essential oils, and food grade colors

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Vendor Name : Eco Brands Store

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