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          Currently Organic Icon accepts any payment method that PayPal accepts (that includes Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover and Your Bank Debit account). Also we accept any Organic Icon Gift Certificates You can also pay using your rewards points that you accumulated with your Organic Icon account. All you need is a PayPal account. This helps you to protect your safety and our process. Creating a PayPal account is an easy and it also assures you a well-protected account. To create a PayPal account Click Here

No, There is no sales tax for any of the purchases or gift-certificates that you order from Organic Icon.

When your friends and family orders a gift-certificate for you, we send that gift-certificate as an email with an unique gift code. At the time of the checkout you can check on the "Use OI Gift Voucher" box and enter the amount that you want to pay by your gift-certificate. You can also do the partial payment through your gift certificate and the other part of the payment through any other payment methods that Organic Icon accepts.

You can use your accumulated Organic Icon Olive Reward Points to pay during the checkout. Your check out shopping cart shows you how many Olive Reward Points you have accumulated, and if you want to apply that towards your charges, click on the box where it says "Click here to use your reward points". If you click on that, your reward points are converted to that equivalent money value and will be applied towards your final payments. To learn how to accumulate Organic Icon Olive Reward Points Click Here

All your purchase receipts are sent to you as an email to your email account. You should be able to easily print your email and use that as your receipt. Also when you log-in to your Organic Icon account you can check your my account, go to view orders you click on any single order and should be able to print a receipt from there.
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