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If you have any questions regarding your order or want to change your order status before it has been shipped, you may do all of this by logging into your account and clicking My Account near the search bar under your log-in name. You will see the Order Box and view with all the options of ordering.

You may check and manage all your orders by clicking: View Orders. You will be able to view the list of all your orders. For example:
*   Pending Orders
*   Shipped Orders
*   Delivered Orders
*   Canceled Orders
*   Return Orders
*   Gift Certificate Orders

To Track all your orders, simply click on the Track Your Order link placed right next to the View Order button. This will list all the orders that are verified by the Merchant.You will be able to see when your shipping process begins. When you click on the View Track Order, it will list the details of your : Order No #, Product Name, Quantity, Price, Shipment Date, Shipment Method, Expected Delivery Date and Order status.

You may cancel orders that are in the middle of processing, but not yet shipped. If you click: View Orders , you will see the pending order's list. Click: the Cancel Link to cancel your order. If you are not able to cancel your order , because it has been already shipped ... then please wait for the shipment to arrive and you may then Return The Order
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