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Organic Icon is not only an online market place, it is the online market place for Organic, natural, eco-friendly and sustainable marketplace.

We attract and serve health-conscious, earth loving, organic aware customers that any other online websites. We are motivated to create a green revolution in the world of online marketing.

What are the benefits?

We do not sell any conventional, heavily-processed, loaded with artificial chemical products. We are only commited to sell Organic, natural and eco-friendly products that promote green living. This helps you to avoid the competition you have to deal with the conventional products in other online websites.

Organic Icon website, allows you do all the operations through internet. You have complete control over how do you want publish your product, What is the price of your product, Managing your inventory, shipping and sales. When you need more help, ofcourse we are there to guide you and help you.

Are we trust-worthy?

Yes, we are. Our team not only contains tech-gurus, who offers you all types sophisticated tools to help your business, but also an achieved physician who certifies your product, and a star mom who is also a organic product producer promotes your products. To read more about our team please read our About Us And we are committed to serve our customers and merchants with our strong support.

Do we handle the shipping for you?

We apologize; currently we do not handle the shipping for you. But, in the future we do have plans to so upon merchant request.
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