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We provide four different shipping options for our Merchants. Merchants choose one of these shipping options, then we charge them the shipping cost according to the option chosen.

Free Shipping

There will not be any shipping cost and the shipping is completely free ... whenever the Merchant chooses this option.

Bundled Shipping

This shipping option allows the merchant to offer free shipping for buying more ! For example, the Merchant offers free shipping , when a customer buys 3 or more quantities. If you buy 3 or more products -FREE SHIPPING will be applied to your order.

Flat Rate Shipping

Shipping cost will only be charged per product. For example if the shipping cost is $3 for a product and the customer orders 5 quantities of that particular product, then the shipping cost will be $15.

Combined Shipping

When the Merchant chooses this option, he/she makes the shipping cost the same when you buy several quantities. For example, if you buy 2 or more of the merchant's products, then the shipping cost will still remain the same.

Expedited Shipping

Merchant will have option to ship their products in two day delivery or other expedited method. If you give this option for the product you are selling, customer will be able to take advantage of receiving the products sooner by paying expedited shipping costs. Customer can not take advantage of free shipping when they order a product with expedited shipping.

Shipping Methods and Carriers

As long as long as tracking information provided by the merchant, OrganicIcon will not restrict any shipping method or carrier used by merchants. They can use their corporate account to send the products to customerts.

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