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Create OI Merchant Account
List all your products online
Customer sees and buys your product
OI emails you the information regarding
the sales including the shipping address
You ship the product
We tranfer payment to your account

After approval from Organic Icon your business account will be enabled. Sign-in to your merchant account by clicking on My Account in www.organicicon.com. Click on Control Panel at top right corner next to your business name. The page will show all the products you are selling thru Organic Icon with an active or an inactive status. As soon as you sign-in for the first time, you will be able to configure products. You will have an option to add a new product or edit the existing products details. Click on add products to enter personalized details about your product. You will need to fill-in the following product information to list your products.


  Enter your product name.

  Select product category.

  Your own item number for the product you are selling.

  Short and detailed description about your product.

  Any special organic attributes that you want to highlight should be entered.

  Your usual list price and your selling price at OI.

  If you are selling food products select any special diet listed there.

  You have the option to select the return policies.

  There are four shipping options

 Free shipping
Product shipping cost will be free when this option is selected.

 Flat shipping
Shipping will be charged for number of products, for example if shipping cost is $5 for a product, when buyer buys products of the same will be charged $15 shipping fee.

 Combine Shipping
When this option selected, you will have to enter shipping cost as well as quantity, example if you enter product with shipping cost $5 and quantity 2. When customer buys 2 or more quantities the shipping charges will be only $5.

 Bundle Shipping
When this option selected, you will have to enter shipping cost as well as quantity, example if you enter product with shipping cost $5 and quantity 3. When customer buys 3 or more quantities will get a free shipping for product.

OrganicIcon covered most of the policies covered under policy section. Merchant can add more policies on their own in this section of the product configuration.

Each individual product can have testimonials of its own. And you have total control over the testimonials that you publish.

Most of OrganicIcon customer wants to know what are all the ingredients for the products we are selling. Ingredient will make customer to for informed buying decision.

In this section you will have option to mention all your receipes.

You will have option to upload different sizes and images of products, so that it will get more views about your product. That would help customer decision.

After entering all the fine details about your products,you have the option to sell it immediately online by approve the product or you can save the product for later use. If you save the product and not approve it your product will not be listed on OganicIcon until it is approved by you.

If you want to modify existing products that are already listed, make the product inactive and then do the necessary changes. Then once again you will be able to activate it to sell it on OI.

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